Pop Social’s 35% surge in signups after Web3Auth integration

2 min readJun 8


I got my first wallet — An Exciting NFT Journey Begins!

5 Stars

“I’m very much lovin’ Pop! The app’s sleek design and intuitive interface make it an absolute pleasure. It has truly simplified my exploration of NFTs, leaving me feeling exhilarated. When I logged in with my email, I was instantly granted my first wallet. It’s incredible how this feature jump-started my NFT adventure. The app’s ingenuity shines through, especially since I had been struggling to register a wallet from my country.”

Just a user review on the iOS App of Pop Social today.

Today, the app clocks 35% more user logins. In the four weeks following Web3Auth’s integration launch, Pop Social reported a 2.1x enhancement in user onboarding via social channels.

A little rewind

Pop Social is a player that is forward-looking towards innovation, especially towards their login and authentication system.

The team was on an eternal quest to offer a seamless user experience to its users while also preserving the essence and beauty of web3. They explored various different alternatives, including that of a custodian wallet-based access while partnering with a third-party for onboarding and user registration.

The custodian wallet approach seemed plausible, however they quickly realized the biggest limitation — it was centralized. For a dApp that was committed to fostering a fully empowered community, relying on a custodian wallet did not fully align with Pop’s vision.

Another alternative they considered was social logins but wallet creation and management of digital assets was extremely tedious — thus effectively restricting the web3 experience for its users.

Integration with Web3Auth

Vincent Gonchalo, Senior Product Lead at Pop Social said, “Our new onboarding process, powered by Web3Auth, has revolutionized user experience with multiple login options, including web3 native logins using wallets and social logins. These promote web3 adoption among individuals who are not native to the world of cryptocurrencies and assist in onboarding the next billion users from web2 to web3. This significant development simplifies the installation and registration process, thereby providing a frictionless onboarding journey for our users.”

Vincent further added that Web3Auth doesn’t carry the baggage from the old login system, it instead sets the stage for a modern, user-centric login experience. The crypto-curious audience has been enthusiastic about this innovative transition from web2 to web3. Beyond customization, the scalability offered by Web3Auth was another decisive factor in Pop’s choice.

With an ambitious objective of onboarding the first billion users from web2 to web3, scalability became paramount and Web3Auth’s robust architecture and scalability features position Pop favorably to achieve this goal.

By harnessing the power of Web3Auth, Pop Social is looking towards a promising future in the web3 domain, where innovation, scalability, and user experience reign supreme.