A Revamped Dashboard and the updates it brings along

2 min readSep 20


We come with updates.

Our newest version of the dashboard is released now, with a fully revamped user interface.

Action needed — Move existing verifiers into projects by 31st October 2023!

All custom authentication verifiers are now within projects. Developers are recommended that they migrate their existing verifiers onto the corresponding projects that they are now using. If there is no existing project, you would have to create a new project within the same environment, to be able to migrate your existing verifiers.

Verifiers without an existing project would be removed from the dashboard after 31 October 2023.

Here is how you can do it:

Demo to migrate verifiers on to projects

Within the new dashboard, there are other upgraded features:

  • Workspaces are now organizations — We understand the confusion between personal and team workspaces. All workspaces have been moved to organizations. All existing personal and team workspaces have been converted into organizations.
  • Projects — Developers can now navigate through the dashboard through the projects tab alone — a one-stop destination to holistically manage all of their resources at one place.
  • Project Analytics is here — Via this section, developers can track the number of logins and the total number of monthly active wallets being clocked on their projects.
  • SMS OTP Logins — An additional add-on is that developers now can enable SMS OTP logins from the dashboard itself.
  • Custom Authentication — With all these exciting updates and dashboard features, you now have access to a whole new reimagined way of performing custom authentication for your wallets and dApps.
  • Increased team seats — With organizations, we are increasing the number of team seats for all plans.
  • Use Sapphire Network, it’s faster — We recommend that all newly integrated dApps be migrated to the Sapphire Network — across Mainnet and Devnet from now on, as the default choice as it is faster and is horizontally scalable to handle large launches.

Check out the different new features of the dashboard here. Apart from the plenty of bug fixes, the dashboard now enables direct integration of horizontally-scalable Web3Auth Sapphire Network into the Plug n Play v7 Web SDKs.

Have fun exploring the new dashboard!